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Learn how to learn whatever you need to. Discover your strongest learning styles, reduce learning-related anxiety, and find the “brain foods” that make you your smartest and most alert.

As an assistant professor, workshop leader, and tutor with over 6,000 hours of experience, let me personally help you dramatically improve your test taking, reading, and communication skills.

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Maximize your score on high-stakes, high-stress tests including the SAT, ACT, PSAT, SSAT, and CBEST, and on reading and writing sections of many standardized tests. Typical improvement is 200+ points on the 2400-point SAT and the equivalent on other tsts. Topics include reading, grammar, writing, vocabulary. math, and science reasoning.

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Save time and money by tripling your reading rate and effectiveness! Topics include speed-reading techniques, comprehension, and concentration.

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Improve your ability to learn anything and bolster your note taking skills and retention. Ongoing or intermittent assistance is available.

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Writing & Grammar Tutoring

Enhance your skills and confidence in writing and revising essays, reports, speeches, and articles. Grammar Brush-up and Vocabulary Improvement programs are available, along with ongoing writing assistance.

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All Workshops & Classes

I design and lead workshops and short courses at your school or organization on standardized test preparation, speed-reading, grammar, and vocabulary improvement.

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